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Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering

        Chancellor of KGASU
Chancellor of KGASU
When you join Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering you become part of 85 year history of higher education in architecture and civil engineering. Our roots trace back to 1919 when in Kazan there was founded a united Kazan Polytechnic Institute consisting of 4 faculties in different academic programmes including Faculty of Civil Engineering.

In 1930 on the base of the Institute there was established Kazan Institute of Municipal Construction named after M.Gorkiy that became a separate institution of higher education training future civil engineers and road engineers. The period of 1930-1941 was dedicated to the development of the Institute: organization of appropriate academic process, research activity; enforcement of technical facilities and establishing academic spaces and laboratories. The number of students was increasing year by year.

Step by step the Institute was developing the relations with industry.

In 1957 the Institute got the new title – Kazan Institute of Engineering and Construction. From this moment the Institute started its great development: new departments, faculties, more academic staff, more students, more laboratories and new residences for students.

In 1971 there were the first graduates that got their degree in Architecture science. In spite of the short period from the start of architecture academic courses (1966) the Kazan architecture school achieved important success both in Russia and abroad at that time.At the beginning of 80-s the Institute revealed itself as a big regional scientific center. Three new laboratories were opened at the University. Our researchers’ projects were awarded again and again. New departments and specialized academic programmes were opened.

In 1992 market economy and demand of specialists with skills in economics, finance and credit led to implement new academic course as Construction in Economics, Market Economy in Construction, Construction Marketing.

In 1995 the Institute received the status of Academy with the new title of Kazan State Academy of Engineering and Construction. At the moment there were 6 faculties in 11 specialties and 8 specialized programmes, 35 departments.

In 1996 the University Museum was opened. We began to build a new structure to organize there laboratories and academic classes for Transport Department. 

We began to develop relations with foreign Universities in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering to start exchange programmes.

In 2005 the Academy becomes Federal State Educational Institution “Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering”.

Nowadays Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE) is one of the leading architecture and engineering public universities in the Russian Federation. The University is the federal state educational agency specializing in architecture and building engineering. It is a large educational and scientific centre with great creative potential. The objective of the University staff activity is to prepare qualified and competitive experts able to face and manage complex problems in their own fields. Our University provides opportunities for students to develop invaluable skills to give them the edge in the job market. Our graduates are always in demand on labor market where they confirm their high professional skills. The University offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and professional training programmes focused on Civil Engineering, Architecture, Transport and road construction, Economics and Management in Construction, IT systems in architecture and civil engineering, with almost 550 qualified academics. There are more than 7000 full time and part-time students.

KSUAE has 2 - level education system: Bachelor Degree - 4 years of study and Master Degree – 2 years of study. It promotes the integration into the international education system. All the courses at KSUAE are taught in Russian. The academic year starts on 1st of September and ends in June. It’s divided into 2 semesters. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars and practicals. Assessment could be by exam, project, case study or written assignment. Our Linguistic Center gives an opportunity for our academic staff and students not only to improve their knowledge of daily English, German or Italian but also to practice the technical language interacting with native speakers. Our University campus consists of several academic buildings, 5 convenient student residences, an open-air sport ground, a new big sports complex, a sport gym, a canteen and a sports camp.

Top reasons for choosing our University. There are several reasons that make our University one of the leading institutions in its field: 

  • It’s a federal state educational institution having a license for educational activity and state accreditation.
  • It provides training of specialists for architectural, building and road transport industry, for housing and communal utilities sectors of the Republic of Tatarstan and all Russia.
  • About 91% of our graduates are highly employable.
  • Industry-focused courses. Our courses are designed and developed in close collaboration with industry.
  • The best student support. Our University is a safe place full of creative and friendly atmosphere giving students a feeling of community. It’s a truly creative institution in which students can realize their talents in science, art, music, sports.
  • Our students are taught by leading scientists, highly qualified teaching staff, many of them are known not only in Tatarstan and Russia, but also abroad.


Research activity of our academic staff covers a broad range of subject areas. Our researchers’ scientific projects are widely applied in the fields of architecture, construction, housing and communal services, highway construction in Russia and abroad. Scientific and research work is aimed to developing fundamental and applied sciences and high technology production, to meeting the professional world and society requirements, to updating the system of our education. KSUAE collaborates closely with the Russian Academy of Architecture and Engineering Sciences. Our University issues their own 5 scientific journals, one of them of international level that is called “News of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering”. The objective of these journals is to draw public attention to the problems of engineering academic process, to exchange best practice research, to make increasing demand for scientific and scientist technological capabilities. Many articles in the journal are of both fundamental and applied nature. There are many scientific articles, monographs and papers published by our researchers, some of the articles are included into the Web of science international database and Scopus. Our researchers organize and take part in national and international scientific conferences and round tables. The main activity of our scientific and professional laboratories is to execute “turn-key” projects.

Research at the University is led by the following research centers and laboratories:

  • Centre for innovative, architectural and engineering design “INNOPROJECT”
  • Innovative scientific research centre “Nanotech-CM”
  • Laboratory for accelerated environmental tests and construction materials of lifetime duration
  • Centre for Urban and Regional Development
  • Test Centre for Road research and production
  • Center the test Centre for Road research and production
  • Center Wirtgen-KGASU established in cooperation with the German company «WIRTGEN INTERNATIONAL»
  • Center Autodesk - the only authorized training center in the Volga and Ural regions for training of specialists in the field of computer-aided design.
  • Center “Information Technologies in Construction”

Scientists use the laboratories of our University to develop new materials and methods of design that meet the current and future building needs. Students use them realize their internships.

There are 4 small innovative enterprises carrying out their activities at the University.

As a public institution our University actively cooperates with the Government of Tatarstan. We have realized in collaboration with the authorities of Republic of Tatarstan such joint projects applied in the region as:

- Restoration and reconstruction of architectural heritage of the ancient Bulgar and the Sviyazhsk Island, of monumental complexes of the medieval Kazan and the Kazan Kremlin.

- Participation in innovative projects of the Republic of Tatarstan "SMART City Kazan", in building of the stadium "Kazan Arena" and the new terminal of Kazan International Airport,

- Participation in establishment of Center of Competence Development for Green Standards at the University.
- Calculation Methods for building structures approved by regional industry facilities, sports facilities, shopping malls.

- Participation in the national program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Republic of Tatarstan”.

- Development of road-building materials and technologies to create optimal road facilities of the region.

- Development of the project "Pavements using reinforced soils for rural roads of the Republic of Tatarstan"

- Development and implementation of nonchemical water treatment and solutions regeneration by electro neutralization method.

- Production of energy-efficient heat exchange equipment.

- Development of new technologies for humidification.

Double degree programme with the University of East London (UEL)!

KSUAE is the only academic institution in Tatarstan that provides its students with a unique opportunity to get at the same time both Russian BSc degree and British bachelor's degree of the University of East London (UK), so called “double degree programme”, on the basic academic programmes of the University:

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Building Design
  • Information systems in architecture and construction
  • Construction Business Management
  • Construction Economics

The University of East London validated the academic programmes according to the principles of the UK quality assurance system in Higher Education so the Diploma of University of East London is British equivalent of the Diploma of KSUAE on above specified specialties.It’s an additional academic programme to the main academic process of our University; the students pay the additional tuition fee that is not so high as compared to that one for British students studying in London.The academic process includes a series of lectures delivered by both British and Russian professors involved in the partnership. Once a year the students have an opportunity to take part in 2 weeks summer schools held at the University of London. Getting the British diploma at our University increases your professional opportunities: you obtain professional English skills and have a 100% European document of higher education; two degrees give more opportunities for graduates in both partner countries and in the global economy give to you employment priority in joint ventures in Russia and oversea companies. The programme graduates are included in the East London University graduate database accessible for the European and British employers collaborating with the UEL. If you get the Bachelor degree of the University of East London you will be eligible for a 15% discount on Master programme at the same University.

The University structure includes 5 institutes and 36 departments.


There are 10 departments at the Institute:

  1. Fine Arts
  2. Descriptive Geometry and Graphics
  3. Reconstruction, restoration of architectural heritage and principles of architecture
  4. Architectural design
  5. Urban planning and Layout of Rural Settlements
  6. Theory and History of Architecture
  7. Design of Architectural Environment
  8. Interior Design
  9. Architecture
  10. Building Design

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

  • Architecture (Architectural design), full time tuition
  • Design (Interior Design), full time tuition
  • Reconstruction, restoration of architectural heritage and principles of architecture (Restoration of cultural heritage monuments), full time tuition
  • Design of Architectural Environment (Design of urban environment), full time tuition
  • Construction (Building Design), full time and part time tuition
  • Urban planning (Urban design), full time tuition

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for Master degree in:

  • Architecture (Theory and history of architecture), full time tuition
  • Architecture (Theory and practice of urban planning), full time tuition
  • Design (Interior Design), full time tuition
  • Reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage, full time tuition
  • Design of Architectural Environment (Urban Design), full time tuition
  • Design of Architectural Environment (Interior Design), full time tuition
  • Construction (Physics of environment and architectural building design), full time tuition


There are 8 departments at the Institute:

  1. Production safety and law
  2. Mechanics
  3. Metal structures and construction tests
  4. Technologies, organization and mechanization of construction
  5. Reinforced concrete and stone structures
  6. Foundations and basements, dynamics of structures and engineering geology
  7. Physics, electrical engineering and automatics
  8. Information technology and computer aided design

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

  • Construction (Industrial and civil engineering), full time and part time tuition
  • Information systems and technologies, full time tuition

Specialty programme (6 years tuition) in Construction of unique buildings and structures
Specialization: Construction of high-rise and long-span buildings and structures, full time tuition

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for Master degree in:

  • Construction (Theory and Design of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings), full time tuition
  • Construction (Theory and design of foundations, basements and underground structures), full time tuition
  • Construction (Theory and practice of organizational and technological and economic decisions), full time tuition
  • Construction (Technical operation and reconstruction of buildings and structures), full time tuition

Research of the Institute  

The scientific achievements of the Institute are:

  1. Technology and organization of construction: improving the technology and organization of works in the construction of buildings and structures; improvement of the management system for construction quality; improving the efficiency of building production on account of
  2. Development, research and improvement of methods of calculation of structures and facilities: developing new and improving existing methods of calculation and designing of metal, concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and reinforced stone structures in view of specific characteristics of the stress-strain condition; development and research of structural constructions; development and implementation of effective bearing systems of buildings and structures;
  3. Applied Geomechanics in construction: structural dynamics, rheology.
  4. energy savings;
  5. Research in the field of mechanics of deformable solid: mechanics of thin and thick shells, keeping the features of mechanical properties of structural materials such as non-linear elasticity, plasticity, creep, geometric nonlinearity, change of material properties under the influence of aggressive external fields.

     Postgraduate fields of study:

"Building structures, buildings and facilities"
"Foundations and substructures, underground structures"
"Building materials and products"
"Mechanics of deformable solids"
"Computer-aided design"
"Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes"
"Condensed Matter Physics"
"Material, complex and functional analysis"


There are 8 departments at the Institute:

  1. Water supply and sewage disposal
  2. History and Philosophy
  3. Vocational training, pedagogy and sociology
  4. Building materials
  5. HVAC and Gas supply
  6. Thermal Engineering
  7. Construction materials, components and structures production technology
  8. Chemistry and Environmental Engineering in Construction

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

  • Construction (Production and use of building materials, components and structures), full time and part time tuition
  • Construction (HVAC and Gas supply), full time and part time tuition
  • Construction (Water supply and sewage disposal), full time and part time tuition
  • Vocational training (Construction), full time tuition
  • Safety of Technosphere (Environmental Engineering), full time tuition

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for Master degree in:

  • Construction (Structure formation and technology of concrete), full time tuition
  • Construction (Heat and mass transfer and energy saving in heating systems), full time tuition
  • Construction (System of providing microclimate in buildings and structures), full time tuition
  • Construction (Practice-oriented education technology for professional disciplines in the civil engineering university), full time tuition

In 2015 the Institute will open six new Master degree programmes including that one in “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Buildings”.

Research of the Institute

The institute departments carry out R&D within the following schools:

-raw material research, new building technologies and versatility of building materials on the basis of natural and recycled raw materials;

-water supply and sewage disposal, water treatment fixtures of superficial and underground sewage waters;

-energy saving in HVAC systems, heat exchange research;

-the development of environment saving technologies;

-hydraulic systems research, contactless heat fields measurement devices, ecology, workplace monitoring;

-pedagogical and economical components of general engineering of economy and management programme undergraduates under condition of civil engineering educational cluster;

The scientific achievements of the Institute are:

- building material testing laboratory having the certificate which allows the laboratory to perform building material compliance and quality tests for developing firms and enterprises of building industry;

- organization of further education in civil engineering industry;

- “TatStroyTrest” testing centre, only one accredited by “GosStroy” aimed at certification testing of building materials;

- “NanoTech-SM” research and innovation centre.

Postgraduate programmes of the Institute:

  • HVAC gas supply, lighting;
  • Industrial power engineering;
  • Water supply sewage disposal, water environment engineering;
  • Building materials;
  • Processing and technology of polymers;
  • Chemical technology processes and apparatuses;
  • Physical chemistry;
  • History of Russia;
  • Philosophy of science and Technology;
  • Theory and methodology of Vocational Training;
  • Social Structure, social institutions and processes.



There are 5 departments at the Institute:

  1. Bridges, tunnels and transport surveying
  2. Road Construction Machinery
  3. Higher mathematics
  4. Applied mathematics
  5. Physical education and sports

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

  • Construction (Roads), full time and part time tuition
  • Construction (Road bridges and transport tunnels) full time tuition
  • Technology of transport processes (Traffic organization and safety), full time tuition
  • Ground transport-technological complexes (Transport, construction, road machinery), full time tuition

The Institute is developing the following Master degrees programmes:

- Design, construction and operation of roads"
- Artificial structures in transport, methods of their design, construction and operation"

- Transport logistics
- Intelligent transport systems"
- Lifting-transport, construction, road machinery and equipment"
  - Machinery and equipment for trenchless technologies.

Research of the Institute is carried out in the following fileds:

- Development of road-building materials and technologies using local minerals and industry waste to create optimal and economical design of highways and roads;

- Development and improvement of methods for calculation, designing, strengthening and reconstruction of artificial structures on the roads, the analysis of their remaining resource;
- Improvement of constructions of lifting-transport, road building machinery and devices for the intensification of building technologies;

- Transport simulation, evaluation and optimization of the organization and road safety.

Postgraduate programmes of the Institute are:

-Building materials and products.
- Building constructions and buildings
- Design and construction of roads, subways, airports, bridges and transport tunnels.


There are 4 departments at the Institute:

Expertise and real estate management
Economics and Construction Business
Municipal Management
Foreign Languages

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for BSc degree in:

- Management (Construction management), full time and part time tuition
- Construction (Municipal Management and Construction), full time tuition
- Construction (Expertise and real estate management), full time and part time tuition

The Institute offers the following academic programmes for Master degree in:

- Construction (Economics and management in the investment field), full time tuition

- Construction development in investment and construction activities), full time tuition

Research of the Institute is carried out in the following areas:

1. Modeling of economic processes in the construction
2. Assessment and management of enterprise value
3. Formation, analysis of construction products cost
4. Problems of activating investment and construction activities in the region
5. Strategic planning in construction enterprises
6. Problems of development of small and medium businesses in the construction industry
7. Financial Management in Construction
8. Human Resource Management in Construction
9. Crisis management in construction
10. The practice of development schemes of territorial planning,
11. Problems of investment in housing
12. Cost management companies using the tools of controlling
13. The effectiveness of the use of by-products industry in the construction industry
14. Evaluation of the competitiveness of construction companies
15. Information safety in the construction industry
16. Management in modern conditions
17. The activity in the housing complex
18. Problems of reforming property and economic security
19. Transformation of the property as a factor of financial rehabilitation of industrial enterprises in the region
20. Institutional factors of the development of a market economy
21. Innovative development of investment and construction of the complex;
22. Evaluation of the property complex of construction enterprises;
23. Instruments of financing of innovation processes in enterprises
24. Development of innovative processes in the region
25. Estimation of innovative potential of the region
26. The strategy of innovative development of enterprises
27. Management of Economy Innovation Systems
28. Management of intellectual property
29. Evaluation of the intellectual component of an innovative product
30. Assessment of the effectiveness of innovative projects
31. Innovative leasing
32. Pricing and estimate work in construction
33. Theory and practice of contractual relations in the construction
34. Design of organizational structures of management
35. Project management in the field of investment and construction
36. Research trends of the mortgage market of the region
37. Development of residential real estate in the complex development of territories
38. Ecological real estate development
39. The introduction of innovative resource-saving technologies in the construction industry.

The Institute has a scientific school “Strategy of development of regional construction industry”.

International activities

We consider globalization one of our main priorities. Our University runs a large number of international projects and cooperates with prestigious universities worldwide. Several international projects are funded by EU cooperation programmes such as Erasmus or Tempus. We have valid Agreements of cooperation and close academic relationships with such foreign Universities of Italy (University of Florence, Pisa, Rome, Udine, Pavia, and Milan), Great Britain (University of East London, Glyndwr University), Germany (University of Bamberg), Sweden (Lund University), Canada (Memorial University), Turkey, Korea, Malaysia and so on. The fields of cooperation cover joint research projects, student and staff exchange, joint conferences, workshops, master classes, etc. KSUAE takes part and organizes numerous international events like conferences, round tables, workshops, summer schools and specialized exhibitions.

All international activities of the University are coordinated by its International Relations Office that comprises:

  • Center of international academic programmes coordinates double degree programmes and participation of our University in different European and world grant projects;
  • Preparatory Center for international students giving them an opportunity to study Russian as foreign language;
  • Italian centre for education and culture of Tatarstan provides courses of Italian and spreads Italian culture in the region; develops relations with Italian academic institutions to give an opportunity for our University students to have academic internships in Italy.

Student life            

KSUAE is a talented, cheerful, creative, friendly student community consolidated by the best Student Guild which is at the heart of the action and represents the interests of the students! It does everything you’d expect, organising parties, comedy nights, musical festivals and student balls. All students can join our University active creative clubs such as Vocal Studio, Comedy STEM "Ely-paly", Fashion Theatre "Epatage", University Academic Choir, Group "Clownery", dance groups. If there is not one that meets your interest then why not start one of yourself! At the university you can realize any talent, creative ideas and interesting projects!


Our students are happy family celebrating together holidays, birthdays, having their good traditions, one of which is to summarize their annual activities at meetings in our University sports camp "Mesha" located outside the city. They annually participate in the interuniversity festival "Student Spring" where they are permanently among the winners having diplomas in various categories. Ensembles and artists of the KSUAE regularly take part in various city parades and competitions and become prize-winners. In February or March the festivity of “Farewell to winter” is annually held. Pancakes, scarecrow, dancing and fun are the traditional elements of the holiday. The following traditional events are held brightly in our University: "New Year", "Tatyana's Day", "Valentine's Day", "Men Day", "Women Day on 8 March", "April Fool's Day" and some others. We also hold student nights at nightclubs in Kazan.

Students' construction teams of our University have participated in the construction of various facilities: from residential buildings, mosques, roads to sports stadiums and refineries, for example, the objects of the 2014 Olympics Games in Sochi, the objects of the Universiade 2013 in Kazan, the local refinery "TANECO", a federal highway “Chita-Khabarovsk”, a drilling base on the Yamal Peninsula, as well as many other facilities in Kazan.

Our students and staff are also very active about sports. The University Sports Club gives opportunities to do different kinds of sports in our new Sports Complex: volleyball, basketball, arm-wrestling, athletics, football, ping pong, chess and so on. Our athletes compete in a range of sports against other universities across the city and the country, for example, in the student Sports festivals the KSUAE ranks the first, second and third winner among universities of the Republic of Tatarstan in skiing, swimming, basketball, volleyball, chess, and it’s the honorable first winner among the academic staff of different universities!

Campus and facilities

Our University is situated 20 minutes walk to the center of Kazan. KSUAE is the only campus in Kazan where educational and laboratory buildings, dormitories, sports complex, canteen, sports halls and outdoor stadiums are located in one compact area. In our campus students can find all the facilities they would expect of a campus-based university:

  • Lecture rooms throughout all the campus.
  • Libraries: thousands of books, journals are housed centrally; the majority is available for loan, or if students prefer to stay and study in the library, they can always get some work done on one of the quiet areas.
  • IT facilities: we have computer rooms with internet access available during a day.
  • Center for preparatory courses: to be admitted to our University all international students should have a certificate attesting the knowledge of Russian language so we offer the Preparatory course of Russian for them. The courses usually start in November and end in July. At the end of the course you should give an oral presentation and pass a written examination that will enable you to have a relevant certificate. The course fee is about 1800 US dollars. To participate in the course you should apply for it in June.
  • Language Centre: whether a student is interested in learning a new language or improving his English he’ll find a class to suit him. Classes are held at the evenings, sometimes at weekends as well as during the week.
  • Photocopy centers: there are some copy centers throughout the University.
  • Canteen, cafeteria: students can take their meals during all day at a reduced price; the cafeterias offer coffee, tea, cakes, water and other snacks. During holidays they are closed.
  • Sports Complex: students can do different kinds of sports there.
  • Exhibition Gallery: displays change throughout the year and include exhibitions of our University’s art and architecture students.
  • Engineering Laboratories: they provide engineering equipments to test them for academic purposes.
  • Careers Center: it offers a range of information, guidance and services to students, graduates and employers.
  • University Clinic: it’s open to the staff and students. In case of some light health problems our students can visit our clinic free of charge. To treat grave problems they should be examined in a city hospital.
  • International Relations Office: it serves as the connecting link between our University and the exchange universities and international students. Its main function is to promote and cultivate international exchange, to assist international students who come to our University. It deals with both the recruitment and welfare of our overseas students.
  • Student residences: we host non-resident students in 5 residences located on campus offering a convenient and secure place for to live in refurbished shared rooms with 24 hour security, shared dining and bathroom and Internet facilities. There are available car parking spaces. Residences are available at a very moderate price. It's better to book a room in one of our residences at the moment of applying to our University.




+7 (843) 526-93-13 interksaba@mail.ru


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