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HOW TO APPLY FOR THE PROGRAMM                                  
Step 1: The first condition is to become a student of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE) of any form of study (full-time, part-time, etc.).

Step 2: In September, at the 1st year of study the student applies for the British program. If necessary, he attends English language course at KSUAE during the 1st year of study.

Step 3: In September and October of the 2nd year (or 3rd year for architects) the student conclude a tuition agreement.
Step 4: In October and November, the student pays by bank transfer the cost of the program to the KSUAE and the University of East London (UEL). After the payment the student is registered on the program and becomes a student of the University of East London.

Characteristic features of the double degree programme at KSUAE:

Bachelor programmes in UEL last for 3 years. According to the rules the student has no the right to get the British diploma before the KSUAE graduation. Therefore, full time students studying for 4 years at KSUAE can be registered at UEL starting from the 2nd year of study, those students studying for 5 years at KSUAE and the part-time students can be registered from their 3rd year of study.

The KSUAE students study and attend lectures according their normal schedule of the main specialty course at KSUAE. Despite the fact that he will be at the same time a student of UEL and KSUAE there won’t be any parallel daily lectures on the British program, except a few additional online lectures a year from British professors in English. The lectures are interdisciplinary and all the program students are required to attend.

The programme students take the double exam session (Russian and British), which officially runs one time in a year in May. All sessions are taken in writing in Russian. Only the Final thesis is done in English.

All details about each programme, the number of credits for each module, a list of exams and other issues can be found in the "Student Handbooks” on our website. The Handbook is in English. For each area of study a separate coordinator (professor of KSUAE) is nominated that throughout the program gives consultancy to the students to be prepared for the exam session.

All the programme students should have the level of English language at B2 at the end of the course. The students have the opportunity to improve their English while learning the program.
Every year in May the student is tested to monitor his current level of language.

The program students get a standard degree certificate of UEL as any normal British student of UEL.  The University of East London is one of the oldest Polytechnic schools of London.

Every year for the interested students we organize (for the group of minimum 20 students) "summer school" (about 10 days) at UEL campus in London. The cost of the participation in the "summer schools" varies every year depending on the pound sterling exchange rate. Applications for the summer schools are accepted until February every year.

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